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Our Scéal

Our Story

Throughout the pandemic, seeing the world and experiencing what it has to offer were the luxuries some people missed the most. Not being able to travel led us to remembering all of the great places we were lucky enough to visit in ‘normal’ times.

When initial lock-downs were lifted - being limited in where we could go gave us the opportunity to explore this beautiful country of ours. It didn’t take long for us all to be in awe of the sights that we had on our doorstep.


Whether it was playing a round of golf with friends, trip to a beach, or finding a new trail - each and every place brought its own story. 

This sparked the idea for BHÍOS.


We wanted to know where we had been, but also wanted to know where we needed to go next.

By creating personalised bucket lists, we hope to encourage and inspire people to go and do the things they always wanted to do and to go tothe places they always dreamed of visiting.

Golf & travel is what we know and love - but our StampMaps can be tailored to any interest or hobby.

"If we were all the same, we'd be boring"

Salthill, Co. Galway, Ireland

Photo By: Professor Chaosheng Zhang

Our Ainm

Our Name

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[vee - us] - verb

Language: Gaeilge, Gaelic, Irish

Origin: Munster, South-West Ireland

Translation: I Was

   Why                ?

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The aim of our designs is to inspire and encourage people to go to the places they have always dreamed of visiting. 

Every time you stamp off a place on your bucket - list, you are essentially saying "I was there"

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Our Logo

The lines that frame "BHÍOS" represent the check box on our bucket lists - that we all aim to fill. 

BHÍOS sits in place of the stamp that we use to mark off the places we have been lucky enough to visit. Stating "I was there"

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Our Stamp

Keeping with the Irish theme - the imprint used to mark off your bucket list is an old Celtic symbol: The Dara Knot.

An ancient symbol for strength - the  intricate lines, which have no clear beginning or end, represent the route system of an oak tree (doire). 

There are a number of variations of the symbol, and it has been found on many different monuments and manuscripts dating as far back as the 8th century. 

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First and foremost it is a framed art piece.

Simple... Elegant... Minimalist in its design.

With no clear theme or title - all of our designs are purposely subtle so it does not distract from the main subject of the piece:

You - and Your Story

Golf Bucket List UK Ireland
Golf Bucket List Ireland
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The Bucket - List

Whether your design is from the BHÍOS Shop 

or you have created your own custom piece..

..each hand drawn map is accompanied by a unique bucket list.

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The            Stamp

White StampMaps.png

Next to each item on your bucket list there is a designated check-box so you can keep track of exactly where you have been. 


Stamp off the places you have visited using your BHÍOS stamp & ink pad.

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As well as creating beautiful designs, our aim is to encourage people to visit the places they have always wanted to see..


..and to do the things they have always dreamed of doing.

Our Aim

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Make your piece personal by adding a name to any of the StampMaps in our shop.

Looking for a one off special piece?


Create a full custom print from scratch. Pick your map, make your bucket-list - and help design your own personal StampMap.

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"..the perfect gift"

All of our StampMaps are designed and assembled here in Cork, Ireland.

Each piece is carefully packaged, gift wrapped and ready to be delivered worldwide. 

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As well as showing you exactly where you have been - your StampMap will show you where you ought to go next.

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